Sandwich at a petrol station? Yes, a Subway sandwich! Find it at selected AMIC Energy stations. Don’t limit yourself - create a sandwich you like. Simply select the type of bread and produce you like, and we will turn them into a delicious sandwich. At Subway, you will find snacks for smaller or greater hunger, with meat, vegetarian, low-fat. There’s an infinite number of combinations! Sweeten the deal with a dessert of freshly baked cookies.

Subway restaurant
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AMIC Energy puts a great deal of effort into the development of its catering offers, therefore, we are broadening the network of SUBWAY restaurants with new locations. American SUBWAY restaurants have the greatest number of locations in the world. In Poland, there are about 130 Subway restaurants, and the number keeps growing! AMIC Energy wants to strengthen its position in the market and become Subway’s greatest franchise holder.

Subway at AMIC stations