Premium Fuel

AMIC Pro Premium Fuel is a guarantee of quality at the best price. Take care of your engine, use innovative AMIC Pro fuel! More power and increased engine life appreciated by the best drivers.

Guaranteed quality

AMIC Energy gas stations only sell fuel from trusted suppliers, international petrochemical companies, and domestic refineries. Shipping companies that deliver fuel to our stations are renowned enterprises with long traditions and a solid market position. Their professional services are backed by partner references and quality certificates (ISO).

AMIC Energy gas stations are also equipped with modern devices, meant to detect water in fuel tanks. All stations meet the strictest requirements regarding equipment and technologies for the storage of fuels and hold applicable documentation.

We make every effort to ensure the fuel we offer to our Customers meets the requirements set out in the relevant regulations regarding fuel quality during the different periods of the year. We follow the requirements regarding summer, transitional, and winter fuels, and the imposed dates for replacing them. Below, we present the fuel data sheets for our products which confirm the norms which they meet.

AMIC fuel data sheets:
* Diesel fuel for driving purposes, codes CN 27101943, CN 27102011

AMIC Pro Petrol and Diesel Premium:

Engine protection
AMIC Pro fuel includes a range of solutions that protect fuel injectors from gathering any deposits.
Increased power
High-quality components included in AMIC Pro fuels help protect and maintain the efficiency of fuel injectors while increasing the power and efficiency of the engine.
Higher mileage
The additives used with AMIC Pro fuel increase the gas mileage of vehicles as much as 27,5 kilometers per one tank.
Clean fuel
The special AMIC Pro formula allows for lowering the number of particulates emitted into the air by new engines
Perfect fuels for GDI engines
The only Premium fuel on the Polish market made for engines with direct fuel injection.

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