Contact details

AMIC POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

58 Ogrodowa St.
00-876 Warsaw, POLAND
NIP: 527 17 11 106
REGON: 012333270
Share capital: 48 291 100,00 ZŁ

Phone number: 22 428 48 00
AMIC Fleet Card: 22 428 49 00
AMIC Driver Club: 22 428 43 00

General matters: [email protected]
Complaints: [email protected]
AMIC Fleet Card: [email protected]
AMIC Driver Club: [email protected]
Operation of gas stations: [email protected]

Company registered within the Registry of Entrepreneurs maintained by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Registry, under KRS 0000029096

AMIC POLSKA Sp. z o.o. holds the status of a large enterprise as per art 4c of the Act of March 8, 2013 on counteracting



Frequently asked questions - FAQ

1. Why was the name changed to AMIC Energy?

The change of name is the result of the acquisition of Lukoil by AMIC Energy in 2016 - the Austrian independent investment company which has been operating in the European energy sector for many years. AMIC Energy stations are equipped with new technologies and provide the highest quality services according to your needs and customs related to our network of locations.

2. What does AMIC Energy mean?

Energy is the foundation of our name. AMIC Energy is an Austrian enterprise with unmatched experience in the energy industry. Our vision is to use the potential of all natural energy resources to bring their advantages to the people. We want to build a place full of energy in every way, that is why we invest our capital in undervalued and endangered energy assets.

3. Will the change of name result in a change of prices?

No. The change of name will in no way influence our pricing strategy and policy in Poland. Prices of fuel at our stations will change but only due to changing market conditions. The entire process will in no way be related to the change of the logotype to AMIC Energy.

4. How do you properly pronounce the name AMIC Energy?

In English, it should be pronounced: amic energy /ˈɛnɚʤi/.

Minor differences in pronunciation are acceptable as a result of the specificity of the Polish language.

5. Will you continue to offer the best coffee?

Coffee is an important companion for many of our customers every day, so we try to make our coffee blend satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Our coffee has an international UTZ quality certificate.

The UTZ standard is a certification program for diversified production and the entire supply chain process. It meets the growing demands and expectations of farmers, consumers, and the entire food industry.

6. Will AMIC Energy continue to sell Hot Dogs?
Of course! Additionally, we will be extending the network of Subway restaurants at our stations. We create places with good energy and good, energetic food especially for you. We make sure that every visitor to AMIC Energy feels that their expectations are met along with the positive energy of our brand. We train our employees to surprise you every day with the best quality of services offered and products served.
7. How will the name change affect the loyalty program and Driver Club card?

Driver Club cards will be accepted until a new, more modern loyalty program is introduced, giving customers additional opportunities.

The new Driver Club program for our existing and new customers will be launched later this year. Existing Driver Club cards will be exchanged for new ones.

8. What does the logo mean?

Our logo refers to the three main values: people, quality, and availability. These three foundations are our motivation, and our goal is to strive for excellence. AMIC (from Latin amicus - friend, friendly). We make every effort to make our customers feel friendly at our stations.

9. Will there be Subway restaurants at AMIC Energy stations?

Yes! "No way - Subway!".

Selected AMIC Energy stations will run Subway restaurants. We are planning to expand the network of Subway restaurants in our locations and have the best catering offer on the market.

10. Will non-commercial Sundays affect the offer of AMIC Energy stores?

The ban on trade on Sundays will not affect the functioning of our stations and our offer. When it comes to supply, we strive for perfection, which translates into the entire range of products we offer. We have a lot of experience in selling the extended food range at our stations and we will continue providing this experience.

11. Where did the slogan: “A place with good energy” come from?

AMIC Energy is a dream station, an oasis of positive vibes, and a place where you will find energy in every form. We are the quintessence of good service, full of good vibes for you! We keep changing and constantly working on all aspects of providing the feelings of positive energy at our stations.