Charge your batteries with green energy


GreenWay chargers at AMIC Energy stations

Electric vehicles are the future, which is already a part of the lives of many drivers. Looking to provide for their needs in cooperation with GreenWay Poland, we are building a network of chargers located at our stations.

This solution is not only our input into the effort to protect the natural environment but also a way to provide greater comfort for the drivers of electric vehicles, for whom the range of their vehicles and density of charging stations is crucial.

Our chargers await you in convenient locations near main roads throughout Poland. We also plan to install more devices in further locations!

Charging with
the GreenWay app

Using the GreenWay mobile app, you can quickly find information regarding the power and availability of connectors, and make sure that the selected charger is available. It also helps to start the charge, and then pay for it.

In addition, the app helps you find the nearest station and navigate to it, providing images and descriptions of stations to make it easier to find one. The option to review your charging history allows you to take control of your charging costs.

Check how to charge your vehicle at our stations

GreenWay chargers at AMIC Energy stations