AMIC POLSKA regularly conducts tenders for selection of contractors and subcontractors. The participation in the tendering process for the suppliers is free-of-charge and adheres to AMIC POLSKA regulations. The Tender Committee is entitled, without stating any grounds whatsoever, to accept or reject all submitted offers and proposals, and it may do so at any time until signing of the contract.

The participants of the tendering process decide to engage and to prepare their offers solely at their own discretion and expense. AMIC POLSKA is not responsible or liable for these costs, notwithstanding the outcome of the tendering process.

The tendering process:

  1. The applicants may request the Invitation to Tender from AMIC POLSKA by sending an official request to the following email address: 

  2. In response to the Invitation to Tender, the applicants have to provide contact details and all necessary documents, as follows:

  3. A copy of an entry in the Commercial Register issued not later than 90 days prior to their application to the tender;

  4. The most recent Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements and

  5. The official offer.

The following steps of the tendering process (evaluation of the submitted tender offers, award of contract) take place according to the schedule, which is always defined in tender conditions of the Invitation to Tender.


The preparation of some offers may require provision of additional documents:

  • A certified copy of the licence and of the trade permit enabling the applicant to carry out business operations connected with the tender.

  • Certification compliant with the international standards ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


The participation in the tendering process is prohibited for those applicants who:

  1. Have colluded in their offer; 

  2. Are insolvent, being liquidated or restructured due to a filed bankruptcy;

  3. Openly or secretly offer, provide or agree to provide compensation in any form (tangible or intangible) for the purpose to influence the outcome of the tendering process, decision or of any other activity connected with the tender.


The information provided in the offer is treated as strictly confidential.