A well-deserved break in our comfort zone

Throughout the years on the Polish market, we’ve got to know the needs of our clients other than refueling best-quality fuels, washing your car or measuring tire pressure.  Get to know what we can do for you at Lukoil stations. No matter if you’re on a journey or refueling while driving to work.


If you get hungry while driving, stop at AMIC station to have a snack. Here you’ll find delicious sandwiches prepared from fresh ingredients. Snacks served hot as well as sweets will make you come back later. You shouldn’t travel on an empty stomach or stop by a fast-food restaurant, when everything you need is jest right there.



Do you need to recharge your batteries before you continue traveling or start a demanding day at work? Stop by AMIC and have a delicious coffee that will give you the energy you need for several hours. After all, it is not only your car that needs best-quality fuel giving the amazing power!


If you’re not in hurry, you can satiate your appetite in one of AMIC’s comfort zones. Sit down and relax, take your favorite sandwich and sip your coffee. You need some break before you continue driving. Best service is guaranteed. 

Our products 

Our coffee is made from first-rate 100% Arabica beans which are UTZ certified.

UTZ Certified is a global program for development of tea, cocoa and coffee plantations. The certificate means that the products come from reliable sources, the companies operate according to international standards and their methods of plantation are professional and sustainable.


At our stations, you can find fresh sandwiches, prepared on the spot.
Our bread is baked on the spot, and our ingredients are fresh as well as best-quality.
Wide range of sandwiches will satisfy anyone. You can choose from sandwiches:

  • with cheese and ham,
  • with eggs,
  • with tuna,
  • with cheese and eggs,
  • with salami,
  • vege burger with chickpeas or beans


If you’re looking for tasty, fresh and cheap snacks, this place is for you!

We’ve got a wide range of mini pizzas, which are also prepared on the spot.
Crispy bread baked on the spot as well as best fresh ingredients make a tasty mini pizza.
You can choose from a wide variety:

  • with pepperoni,
  • with chicken,
  • with mushrooms,
  • with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes,

W couldn’t forget about hot dogs!
We offer:

  • big dogs with sausage or grilled sausage,
  • American big dogs,
  • hot dogs with sausage,
  • hot dogs with sausage.