At AMIC petrol stations you can obtain best-quality fuels at attractive prices.

  • Unleaded petrol ES 95
  • Super Plus 98
  • Diesel
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

New! Let your car go wild and start saving thanks to premium fuels.

At chosen AMIC stations you can buy exquisite Premium fuels. Ecto Plus and Ecto Diesel were created to give your car’s engine new power and make it work safely.

Ecto fuels mean enhanced power as well as better fuel protection when you’re driving. Cleaner engines are more efficient – they’ve got carefully selected components protecting the fuel injectors against the buildup of carbon deposits and reinforcing the removal of existing ones. New fuels contain more components reducing friction. As a result the engine works more effectively and its parts are more wear-resistant. Your engine will be more efficient, and fuel consumption will decrease.

The fuel Ecto Plus and diesel oil Ecto Diesel are the most technologically advanced fuel at AMIC filling stations. They were created in order to enhance efficiency of the engine and make your driving experience unforgettable right from the first refueling. Do you dream about speed and better performance of your car? Fill up your car with the fuel Ecto Plus and the diesel oil Ecto Diesel and enjoy driving from the very start.

100% power!
Get much more power out of the engine, thanks to the most advanced fuels from  AMIC stations and their innovative components.

Protect your engine!
Best-quality fuel means the best protection possible for your engine. Protect injections, reduce friction and make each, even the smallest, part work longer.

Use up less fuel
More power leads to reducing the amount of used fuel. With Ecto Plus and Ecto Diesel you can save with every mile you travel.

Make driving even more pleasant
More power, greater dynamics and higher speed as well as balanced work of the engine add up to your satisfaction.

Find the nearest AMIC station with Ecto Plus and Ecto Diesel

AMIC POLSKA makes every effort to ensure that only best-quality fuels are delivered to our our filling stations, which results in satisfaction of our customers. The first control takes place at the loading terminal, at the fuel depot. It is carried out by the owner of the fuel depot, and the samples are carefully examined everyday. Each delivery must leave the storehouse with a set of right documents, which are at the same time its quality certificate.

Trading in fuels is carried out under the strict supervision of national authorities which permit the sale of the fuels complying with the standards only. Sample examinations of selected batches of petroleum products occur on a daily basis. This applies not only to the filling stations, but to each of the steps of the distribution chain.

Because of the fact that we aim at selling only the products of the highest quality, additionally, we carry out controls on our own and at our own expense in independent specialist laboratories.

Quality assurance

AMIC filling stations sell fuels only from reliable suppliers: international petrochemical concerns as well as domestic refineries.

Shipping companies which deliver fuel to our stations are well-known companies with long traditions and a strong position in the market. Their services conform to ISO standards and are backed up references.

As an additional protection in the logistics process serves the rule of transporting a given product only in an assigned chamber of the tank. For example, it is forbidden to fill a chamber with gasoline it was filled with diesel fuel or a fuel with different qualities before.

When fuels are delivered to a station, by the tank there must be not only the driver but a person working at the station as well. It is demanded to follow a restrictive procedure when handing over fuels, which is monitored systematically. The people present at the delivery as well as special devices are used to prevent a leak or mixing of the products.

What is more, AMIC filling stations are equipped with modern devices for detecting water in containers.

All the stations comply with the most restrictive conditions concerning devices and technologies used for storing of our products as well as have all the required documentation.

Any periodic maintenance procedures, removing deposits or containers cleaning are performed in accordance with related legal regulations. It is of great importance for us that these activities are performed at the right time.

We put a lot of effort into offering our clients fuels which comply with legal regulations concerning the quality for a given time of a year. We obey requirements concerning summer-blends and winter-blends, transitory ones as well as the time of the switch.

In emergency situations, when there is the slightest doubt over the fuel meeting the requirements, the first step we take is suspending fuel sale at the station in question, then samples are taken and send for testing in a specialist, independent laboratory. In case of necessity, the fuel is removed, thee container cleaned, and then re-refilled with new, best-quality product.

How the quality of our products is perceived by AMIC and our clients

The products sold at AMIC filling stations must best-quality and they need to be tested in every detail. It is one of the priorities of the concern. It is proven by our leading position in the market and millions of satisfied clients worldwide.

Our clients, if they wish to, they may see the documentation concerning deliveries of the fuel sold at the given filling station. They are kept in archives at the stations, so it is possible to examine the documents from a longer period of time. Quality certificates may be presented at every filling station, if the client wishes to see them.

Technical specification

Let your car go wild thanks to premium fuels


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