Choose the most convenient payment method and cut down on the costs according to your needs 

  • Easy transfers from any bank account
  • Discounts even at small purchases dependent on the declared fuel use
  • The minimum of formalities
  • Possibility of buying any product at petrol stations


If you choose the prepaid card, you gain a very attractive discount available at considerably small monthly fuel use.

The formalities connected to joining to the program are minimal. The account assigned to one or many pre-paid cards may be transferred directly from the bank account and may be charged at any frequency. The pre-paid card is a solution ideal for clients who enjoy simple, transparent solutions enabling them to cut down significantly on the fuel-related expenses in their companies. 

  • Postponed payments
  • Attractive discounts based on the monthly purchases guaranteed by the agreement
  • Individually set purchase limits*
  • Possibility of buying any product at petrol stations


The credit card was created with these clients in mind who find the option of postponed payments important. Apart from that, what makes the card worth recommending is the attractive discount based on the amount of purchased fuel. The monthly credit limit and the form of credit security are set individually during the process of credit verification.

AMIC Fleet Card Credit combines flexible payment time with lower prices of petrol.

*Credit limit and collateral’s type are agreed with customer individually based on company’s credit ability

Get to know the details concerning usage of AMIC FLEET CARD

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