Don’t let high fuel prices hamper your business!

Are you running your own business and high fuel prices stop you from further development? AMIC FLEET CARD is a solution created with people like you in mind.

We do know needs of companies running fleets and we know how to cut down on fuel-related expenses. 

  Order AMIC Fleet Card!

What are the benefits of having a AMIC FLEET CARD?

Lower prices of fuel
Discounts based on retail prices or wholesale prices *
Online control of each refueling
Convenient cashless payments​
Overall electronic invoices
Easy access to reports on each of the cards in use
Convenient, free and modern online services
Access to modern petrol stations (Find our petrol stations)
Best quality products – including AMIC Pro fuel!
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*Discounts are set individually, depending on monthly fuel purchases, kinds of fuel and a station. The minimal quantity of fuel entitling to a discount is 150l


Online management of fuel purchases

At AMIC, we respect your time and comfort. This is why all the services related to the AMIC FLEET CARD are easily accessed anytime and anywhere with the help of a user-friendly system. 

Get to know the functions of the system:

  • Setting limits and functionality of the cards in use
  • Setting the fuels on the assigned cards
  • Management of the shop products assigned to the cards 
  • Immediate blocking of each of the cards
  • Creating detailed reports on the cards
  • Access to the issued invoices
  • Access to current account balance