We care about the environment

We aim at long-term economic growth, social stability, thriving and development of the regions where we are active but also we care about the environment and we aim at ensuring efficient, sustainable use of natural resources.

AMIC cares for health and safety of its employees as well as people living where it is active. Health and safety and enhanced environmental protection are an integral part of AMIC's activities.

AMIC Central and Eastern Europe and Belgium (CEEB) undertakes to run its business activities in a way which ensures environmental protection and good health of its employees, business partners, clients as well as the society. Our business activities will be conducted with due respect to the environment and we will systematically introduce new solutions with reference to HSE (Health, Safety, Environment), in order to ensure a sustainable and safe growth. We will continue to combat any incidents of accidents at work and occupational diseases, negative impact on the environment which could result from our activities.

It is of great importance to us to provide systematic training to all employees, communicate and carry out regular audits with reference to management systems. In terms of health, safety and the environment, we use modern tools in order to achieve our objectives.

In 2006, AMIC received an award for environmental protection from the Russian government. In the same year, we initiated production and distribution of new-generation, environment-friendly, highly efficient fuels ECTO-92 and ECTO-95.